Kiss-A-Card - Mre

Kiss-A-Card - Mre

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You show a pack of playing cards front and back – it can be clearly seen that all fifty-two cards are present.

Any lady in your audience is invited to merely think of any card in the pack – she really does have a free choice of card; positively no force method is used.

The lady is now invited to either blow a kiss towards the pack or wave her lipstick over the top of the pack.

For the first time the lady names her card, which is openly removed from the pack and placed onto the lady’s outstretched palm.

Again the pack is shown front and back. The lady herself turns over her freely selected card – and will almost drop the card in surprise – there, on the card she merely though of, is a red set of lips in the form of a kiss!

Please note the following points:

*The pack is always ready to perform. Simply carry it everywhere in your pocket.
*The red lipstick mark on the card is permanent, no secret stamp, label, transfer or anything similar is used.
*Any playing card can be freely named – positively no force or counting to a particular card.
*The cards are immediately re-set for repeat performance, making the effect idea for your close-up and walkabout performances.
*You use only one full pack of fifty-two cards. No extras.
*Very easy-to-do, you will be able to perform this straight away.

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