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You show five playing cards fastened together in a fan. The audience can clearly see that the middle card is a picture card and a different colour to the other four cards in the set.

You now slip a twenty-pound note into a small envelope that is left in full view. The spectator will win this money if he or she successfully finds the picture card.

The participant is given an ordinary wire paper clip and invited to clip this onto the facedown cards as an indication as to where he or she thinks the picture card is located.

When the cards are turned face upwards it is clearly seen that they have missed the picture card completely. You give them a second try and still they miss.

Finally, you give them a large crocodile style metal paper clip (sometimes called a Boston clip) that they now place into position on the edges of all the cards – surely they have the picture card this time. No!

When the fan of cards is turned face upwards once again the picture card has vanished without a trace – where is it?

The answer is a complete surprise for when you open the envelope the missing picture card is now found inside with the twenty-pound note.

This delightful effect comes with the cards, wire paper clip, crocodile clip & instructions. You supply the banknotes.

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