Mystic Four!

Mystic Four!

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A superb easy-to-do close-up card effect!

You show a fan of four cards, for example the four Aces. The cards are turned face down and the fan is closed up and the four different Aces mixed together.

You take out one card and ask the spectator to guess which one you have removed. They may guess right or wrong – no matter, when all the four cards are turned face upwards again you still have four Aces but they have changed and are all four Aces of the same kind for example four Ace of Spades!

The spectator can now examine the cards to their heart’s content as they won’t have a clue as to how you did it!

Did I say it was easy to do? You will be baffling your friends and relatives with this one five minutes after opening the packet. It’s great fun!

Comes complete with the special bridge cards (values vary from set to set) & instructions.

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