The Pendulum Mystery!

The Pendulum Mystery!

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A pack of cards is given to a spectator to shuffle and cut to their heart’s content. Meanwhile you borrow a finger ring, key or a lady’s pendant. The ring or key has a simple length of cord attached to it to make a pendulum (or use the chain on a borrowed pendant).

A small laminated card is now shown that contains a mystic looking black and white circle, broken by a white cross which you explain is your “Pendulum Pad” that the participant is to concentrate on.

The participant places one hand on the top of the pack and holds the pendulum by its chain over the mystic card and everyone is amazed when the pendulum mysteriously starts to swing in response to your questions concerning the shuffled pack.

Without any skill or palming of cards, the pendulum reveals the top card of the spectator shuffled pack and then the next card and finally you turn the pendulum pad over and there is a picture of a playing card on the other side of it.

The participant turns over the third card (remember they have had their hand on top of the pack since it was freely shuffled) and it proves to be identical to the card underneath their hand!

This is a tremendous close-up and walkabout routine that uses very few props – most of which you borrow from the audience. It is fascinating to watch the pendulum as it swings both in circles and in straight lines following the design on the Pendulum Pad.

Use any pack of cards and remember there are no palming, false cuts, false shuffles or similar sleights required.
Instead of borrowed items you could use a professional ‘mystic’ pendulum purchased from any occult shop or on the www. Cards revealed are always different and you can also predict a different card. It is really easy to do!

Comes complete with two laminated Pendulum Pads & instructions.

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