Topsy Turvy Card

Topsy Turvy Card

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Here is a beautifully simple but practically automatic effect that uses ten ordinary or unfaked jumbo playing cards – one of which is freely selected by any spectator and then mixed in with the other nine cards.

The spectator now takes five cards and you, the performer, have the other five.

In a “do as I do” routine you turn some cards over within your pile and the spectator does likewise with his cards. The performer then spreads his cards out in a fan – they all prove to be face downwards.

The participant now names his freely chosen card and then fans out his set of five. Despite exactly following the performer’s moves he discovers one card is face up in the centre of his five and what is even more amazing is it’s the very card chosen!

Apart from some very simple and subtle moves Topsy Turvy Card is very easy to do.

Comes complete with 10 jumbo playing cards, routine & instructions.

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