Edwin's Everyone Wins!

Edwin's Everyone Wins!

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Edwin's Everyone Wins! has all the ingredients of the best of magic effects, it is extremely simple and foolproof to perform.

Very effective for any type of audience and highly versatile allowing you to use it on almost any type of show from children’s birthday parties to comedy effects, or mental and mind control type presentations.

As Edwin said, “I had great fun working this one out and believe it is the most commercial ‘Just Chance’ trick that I ever sold as a dealer”.

The effect: There are three clear tumblers covered by three different coloured covers standing in a row.

Two spectators freely select two of the tumblers, there is absolutely no force, they can change their mind as often as they wish – they leave you with the third tumbler.

When uncovered they have empty tumblers (but don’t worry you put matters right – everyone wins!) – when your tumbler is uncovered it is filled with banknotes – you have hit the jackpot!

For birthday shows three children compete and the birthday child gets the chocolate bars, while the others get empty tumblers (again you put matters right – everyone wins!).

When you use Edwin’s Everyone Wins! (and believe me you will, it will become one of your favourites) you will discover several presentations since you can have any tumbler full or empty entirely under your control. You can even turn the tables and have two children discover sweeties while you get a consolation note!

Comes with three nicely made velvet bags in three different colours & instructions. Use your own three ordinary clear glass or plastic tumblers that will fit under the bags plus the banknotes or other prizes.

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