All The Usual Suspects FREE with your order value £20.00 or over.

All The Usual Suspects FREE with your order value £20.00 or over.

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Here is an entertaining card effect that almost works itself, with no special skill required.

A ‘crime’ is committed and your spectator freely chooses any card from a borrowed and well-shuffled pack as the perpetrator of the said criminal offence.

You introduce your special detective card – which comes complete with his magnifying glass, determined to discover the criminal. He rounds up all the usual thirty suspects and both he and the criminal are mixed among them.

With all the cards in the participant’s own hands your ‘detective’ eliminates all the suspects until only the detective and the criminal card are left!

A truly remarkable and entertaining card revelation that is so easy to do!

*Use any pack of cards – anywhere at anytime. There is no advance set-up required.
*Ideal to perform over the telephone or on the radio, using a Joker as the detective card.
*Can be worked entirely in the participant’s own hands if you so wish.

Supplied complete with a special ‘detective sticker’ to stick on any playing card and full easy to follow instructions.

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