ESP Easy Symbol Prediction

ESP Easy Symbol Prediction

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ESP Easy Symbol Prediction is ideal for all occasions and suitable for both older children and your adults' shows. Folds small to carry in your pocket yet opens up for a large and colourful display. Always ready to perform requiring no preparation.

You make a prediction of one of six different symbols hinged together in a long strip. Anyone takes charge of your prediction and you don’t touch it again.

A spectator makes a free selection of any number from one to six; there is no force. They can even roll a die, either a regular one or for a bit of fun an invisible one. They arrive at ANY number from one to six.

When the spectator reads out your prediction you have correctly predicted which of the six symbols has been chosen!

ESP Easy Symbol Prediction is a very simple and direct prediction effect with no force of number, sleights or switches and is very colourful and eye-catching.

Comes with the special hinged strip of design panels, produced in bright hues, which does it all & instructions.

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