Jumbo Flash Card

Jumbo Flash Card

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A well-mixed pack of playing cards is shown and a spectator chooses just one which the spectator remembers and then it is mixed back into the pack.

Explaining the difficulties of finding the correct card you ask for three attempts as you remove three cards from the pack and then showing the first one, let us say the three of hearts, you ask if this is the selected one.

They reply “No!” But they admit you have the correct suit. “For my second attempt give me a clue – is it a bigger value or lower value card?” you ask and they tell you it is bigger.

You show your second card this time the eight of hearts but it’s still the wrong card and again they tell you it is “Bigger!”

Before showing your last and your final chance you ask them to name their card – let’s say they name the “Queen of Hearts!” “Gosh!” you reply “that is a big card I will have to do some real magic – is that one big enough?!”

So saying, you turn the third card that you hold face upwards and not only is it the correct card – but instantly and right before their very eyes it G-R-O-W-S into a jumbo size card of 14.5 x 9.5 cm.

The sudden change from a poker size Bicycle card into a jumbo card is very startling and a sure-fire applause producer with any audience.

Comes with the specially made ‘growing card’ together with entertaining ideas by both Milbourne Christopher and Eddie Burke. Use your own pack of cards.

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