Famous Five

Famous Five

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Five playing cards are mixed together faces downwards and a spectator chooses one by chance using either his own name or a magic word, spelling a card at a time.

A prediction has been in full view throughout the effect in the form of a written slip of paper or another playing card.

When the chosen card is turned face upwards believe it or not it is the one written on the slip of paper – you have correctly predicted a card chosen entirely by chance!

But wait a minute – perhaps the cards are all the same? You now allow the spectators to turn over the other four cards in their own hands and they are in for a big surprise!

Two other effects are also explained in this most intriguing manuscript; a simple first class ‘Just Chance’ and a splendid routine in which the spectator receives a card on their birthday or other special occasion, while you the performer just receive several ten-pound notes – lucky you!

Famous Five is easy-to-do and the method can be easily adapted to many other presentations. It is suitable for close-up, stand-up, walkabout, cabaret and even stage presentations. This is the ideal effect for both children’s and adults’ shows.

Comes with a set of cards & instructions. You will need to supply a few easily obtained properties for the other routines.

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