Name Dropper - Mre

Name Dropper - Mre

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You show four jumbo cards faces towards the audience together with a black marking pen.

Spectators freely call out any first name such as Anne, David, Frank etc and you write a different name boldly on the front of each card with the pen.

Any spectator selects one of the four names and this card is openly removed and left in full view.

The backs of the three discarded cards are now shown and they each have a blue back. The selected name card is now shown – it is the only card with a different coloured back!

Please note the following points:
·Only four cards are used – no duplicates, half cards or similar are used – only four genuine jumbo cards.
·The cards are plastic coated and the pen is the ‘dry wipe’ variety so that you can use them again and again.
·No sticky tape, wax, rough & smooth or similar is involved.

Comes complete & ready to perform together with full easy-to-follow instructions. Easy-to-do.

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