Birds of a Feather - Mr E

Birds of a Feather - Mr E

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Here is a real puzzler that you will enjoy performing anywhere, anytime as there is no set-up or fakes used just an ordinary pack of playing cards & a paper bag or borrowed hat.

A spectator freely selects a playing card and this is mixed amongst some other cards.

All the cards are then torn or cut into quarters & openly dropped into the bag/hat that is then shaken to mix the cards even more thoroughly. All four pieces of the selected card really are mixed in the bag, there is no palming or similar involved.

Reaching into the bag with your eyes turned away, you bring out four pieces of card one by one and arrange them sight unseen face downwards upon a table or a spectator’s palm.

The spectator names the selected card for the very first time and please note that up to this moment you definitely do not know the name of the chosen card.

Anyone turns over the four pieces of card one by one and the pieces exactly match the playing card just named!

Don’t confuse this with the method of using duplicate cards, forcing and a thumb tip – none of these methods are utilised so everything can be examined, as all the properties used are normal.

Use your own cards and bag/borrowed hat. We do supply an eye-catching unfaked bag and a simple unfaked clear plastic folder, which you can use to assemble the pieces of card inside before the final revelation.

Can also be performed with Tarot cards, business cards & even picture cards for children. Don’t be put off by the low price, this is a genuine feature effect and the really good news is that it is so very easy to do!

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