Clairvoyant Card

Clairvoyant Card

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Fan a pack of playing cards faces towards the audience. Anyone freely names any card in the pack of fifty-two. There is no force of choice. The freely named card is located and cut to the face of the pack.

Immediately every card of the deck is shown – they all have red backs! The freely chosen card is turned face down to show it has a BLUE BACK. Miraculously, the freely named card is the only one in the pack with a different coloured back!

Remember these salient points:
*Any card in the pack of 52 (even the Joker) can be named – no force.
*Only one blue backed card is used – all the rest have genuine red backs.
*The special ‘secret something’ supplied is useful in many other effects.
*Instant re-set if you are working walkabout and they can name a different card every time.
*Ideal opening effect for cabaret but you can perform it anywhere during your act.
*A pack of ordinary cards is supplied but you can use your own if you wish.
*Works every time and is really easy to perform.
*Take out the blue backed card at the finish and you have a full pack of ordinary cards – ready for your other miracles!

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