Peg It

Peg It

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One of our early releases that has truly stood the test of time the ideal close-up, cabaret and table-hopping signed cards to unusual location!

“Just performed Peg It for the first time. A wonderful effect. Thank you Eddie for releasing this.” Bert Taylor, Scotland.

“I spent last night learning Peg It and totally baffled my family with it today. This will definitely be one of my favourites from now on.” Allen Tipton.

Following an amusing bit of business with an ordinary wooden clothes’ peg, you place the peg down on a table in full view.

Two spectators each take a playing card from an ordinary well-shuffled pack; there is no force of either card. The cards can now be marked in any way and are reshuffled back into the pack.

Taking the pack behind your back you bring out one single card and show it freely but – it is NOT one of the chosen cards, you appear to have failed.

This card is folded back outwards and placed between the two legs of the clothes’ peg. “Perhaps I have had more luck with the second card!” You comment.

Again a card is removed with the pack behind your back – but this is NOT one of the selected cards either. This card is also folded and place into the legs of the peg.

You now ask the two spectators to each name their selected cards and the two folded cards are removed from the peg – which is then waved over them like a magic wand. The spectators themselves unfold the cards – and are more than a little confounded to find that they have magically changed into their correct and marked selected cards!

This is an easy-to-learn and fascinating routine that uses ordinary unfaked properties in an unusual discovery of two selected cards.

You will learn this in about an hour and have a feature effect for your walkabout, close-up or cabaret work. There is nothing to re-set so it is always ready to perform.

The effect can also be performed with a large trombone style paper clip or a money clip to great effect!

Use your own playing cards, comes with the old fashioned (now difficult to obtain) correct type of wooden clothes' peg & instructions.

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