Ultimate Fred

Ultimate Fred

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This really is the ULTIMATE in Fred Lowe’s concept of naming a spectator’s card ‘FRED!’

You show a well-mixed pack of cards and after snapping a couple of rubber bands around it you toss it to any audience member who merely peeks at a playing card anywhere in the pack. This spectator tosses the sealed pack to a second spectator who also peeps at a card. Each spectator in turn tosses the pack to someone else until five different spectators are each concentrating on different playing cards.

Taking back the pack you claim that you are going to name each of the five cards and you do, you say: “I name your cards Tom, Harry, Mary, Fred and Jane!” The audience think it is all a gag until you show the back of the pack spreading the cards out. Five of the cards are seen to each have a different name written on their backs – these are ‘Tom’, ‘Harry’, ‘Mary’, ‘Fred’ and ‘Jane’ and what is more when the five cards are turned face up again – each spectator confirms their freely peeked at card has been magically identified with one of the five names you called!

The backs of the rest of the pack can be shown freely and contain no names – only five cards have names on them – and these prove to be the cards merely peeked at in the pack.

·The cards are supplied without anything written on them – so that you are free to write any five names that you prefer instead of the names suggested.
·Instead of names you can write ‘YOU WILL CHOOSE THIS CARD!’ or a similar message.
·No rough & smooth or sticky substances are used.
·Only five cards contain a message – the backs of each and every other card in the pack is blank.
·No skill or sleight of hand is required.

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