Heart to Heart - Mr E

Heart to Heart - Mr E

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Two sets of playing cards are shown, one set consists of all red cards and the other set consists of all black cards.

Using only these cards you propose to check the compatibility of a lady and gentleman from your spectators (married to each other or otherwise).

The lady chooses one set of cards and is free to deal them into any order.

The gentleman deals the other set of cards and then the order of the two sets of cards are checked.

Oh dear, none of the cards check out – it would seem that the couple are completely incompatible in every respect!

That is until each set of two cards are turned face down when everyone is in for a big surprise!

Each set of cards has a different coloured heart on its back – and the two participants have exactly matched the colour of each heart, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that “True love will always find a way!”

Heart to Heart is perfect for table-hopping and the like as it can be re-set in a moment. Trouble free with no sleight of hand or anything similar so it is simple to do.

Comes with special cards & instructions.

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