Missed! - Mr e

Missed! - Mr e

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An exciting and easy-to-do card effect with three different variations. A card is selected and replaced back inside the pack. The correct card is now revealed in any one of the following ways:

This is Marvillo’s original idea, a large paper clip is dropped inside an examined paper bag or box and the pack dropped inside also.

A spectator shakes the bag about and the cards are tipped out. One card now has the paper clip attached – it proves to be the chosen card! A spectator, to prove no duplicates are used, can mark the selected card.

A miniature hand is dropped inside the paper bag with the cards and correctly attaches itself firmly to the selected card. No extra card is used.

Eddie’s variation uses no paper bag and the pack is in full view at all times. After selection the card is put back (marked if you wish with the spectator’s signature) and the chooser is asked to give any number between two and ten.

Let’s say they say “Four!” The spectator makes his fingers into a gun and points it at the pack saying, “Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!”

The chosen card is now named and located – it is now seen to have three bullet holes in it – where is the other bullet hole? Well the answer is a good applause-pulling laugh that is just too good to give away here!

Comes with a pack of playing cards (but you can use any pack) jumbo paper clip, mini hand & instructions. Use any paper bag or box for the first two effects.

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