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A most intriguing piece of magic! Uses a non-gimmicked chain and a solid ungimmicked ring.

The chain is put inside the ring and when you drop the ring it links onto the chain! When this happens it really does appear to be unbelievable!

We now supply Chained complete with five other fantastic effects. It is the ideal close-up and walkabout routine and suitable for any age group.

To see it demonstrated is to buy it! You will need a little practice with this one just to get the ‘knack’ but a few tries and you will soon get the idea.

Comes complete & ready to work. Not to be confused with a cheaper model sold by others; ours is a proper weighted ring (approx 6cm in diameter) and correct length chain for easy working.

Comes complete with instructions. Colour may vary from illustration.

Only £9.99

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