Ultimate Long Card Set

Ultimate Long Card Set

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The long card effect has been a favourite with both magicians and their audiences alike for many years. Here Eddie takes it to its ULTIMATE conclusion with a set of four long cards that you will love to use!

The pack of playing cards is shuffled and then any spectator deals four piles of cards on the table. He chooses any one packet and concentrates on the face card of his chosen packet. Let’s say he has the Nine of Spades.

You claim to have a prediction inside your inner breast pocket and pull it out part way to show the Two of Spades. Correct suit but wrong card you are told – so you pull a bit more of the card out to show the Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and finally the complete long card to show the Eight of Spades.

Unfortunately the card is not long enough, the selected one was the NINE of Spades so you are one spade short. The long card is then turned over to show a colourful picture of a garden spade on the back – the extra spade to make their card into the Nine of Spades!

No matter which of the four suits they choose you have a long card to withdraw in the time-honoured manner & each has a different finish on its back which makes it ideal for table-hopping.

Comes with a set of four laminated long cards one each of the suits: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs & instructions. Use any pack of playing cards for the selection.

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