Gran's Magic Teeth

Gran's Magic Teeth

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Comedy Magic at its Best! This is truly a great fun item that you will use frequently. You show a set of Chattering Teeth and explained they once belonged to your grandmother who left them to you in her will – claiming they had magical properties.

A playing card is shown and shuffled back inside the pack –which in turn is dropped into one of those multi-coloured bags used to give presents in at birthdays and the like.

After allowing them a quick chatter, grandma’s teeth are also placed inside the sack where they are heard still chattering away. You request the teeth to find the selected card.

When the teeth are removed and it is seen that a single card is now held between the teeth – the spectator names their chosen card and the teeth are turned over – it is the correct card – eureka!

But what about the rest of the pack? The bag is turned upside down and all the cards drop out – chewed into small pieces by Gran’s Magic Teeth!

Supplied at a bargain price complete with TWO sets of quality clockwork Chattering Teeth, a pack of cards – small pieces of cards plus a Nelson style colourful changing bag and full instructions illustrated with coloured pictures. Dead easy to do!

Only £19.99

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