Card Seance

Card Seance

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Four master magicians and mentalists from past lives are brought together in this incredible card mystery!

You show rarely seen pictures of four Masters of Mystery from the past; Al Koran, Joseph Dunninger, Maurice Fogel and Harry Houdini together with a pack of playing cards.

The cards are dealt face downwards one by one until the spectators wish to stop and at these four points, one by one, the pictures are inserted into the pack – no force.

The cards directly next to each picture are located and removed from the pack incredibly they are four of a kind – let’s say the four Kings, bewildering, but there is more to come!

Suddenly you realise that the four magicians are now all dead and you propose a séance to try and make contact.

In the routine that follows Houdini does contact you with a mysterious message that appears written on the back of his photograph, a very strange message indeed – referring the spectator to the rest of the pack!

When Houdini’s message is checked out WOW we are not going to reveal the answer here but we will tell you that the climax of this superb effect is so weird and wonderful you will want to perform it again and again.

No skill is required and no sleight of hand is used whatsoever. If you don’t buy another card trick this year, be sure to buy this one!

Comes complete with laminated photographs (approx 5" x 2.75", 12.5cm x 7cm), quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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