Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up!

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Bottoms Up! comprises of jumbo-sized picture cards depicting pictures of a cocktail glass. There are many effects that you can perform with these splendid cards and our detailed instructions give you a variety of marvellous routines to start you off.

These include:
Topsy Turvy Glass, Drinks From Nowhere, Vanishing Drinks, You Do As I Do, Flying Drinks and Twisting Glasses.

The basic effects involve the glasses magically turning “Bottoms Up” or a drink magically appearing in or vanishing from a glass. These are novel effects suitable for platform or stage use and you can use them in your close-up work as well. The apparatus packs flat and can be carried in your pocket.

Bottoms Up! enables you to perform a routine of several minutes without any exceptional skill or sleights.

Comes complete with the necessary jumbo cards, instructions & routines. Cheers!

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