Magic Spectacles

Magic Spectacles

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Here is an eye-popping fun trick for your close-up and walkabout performances!

You offer to teach a spectator how to do a magic card trick, allowing them to freely choose any playing card (no force) from your own Bicycle poker pack, to remember its name and then it is mixed back into the pack.

You then hand the participant a pair of comical looking spectacles to put on, explaining that when they wear them they will be able to pick out their chosen card by looking through them at the backs of the cards as you fan them out face down.

Sure enough the participant is able to indicate their own card from the backs – they touch a card they believe to be theirs and name their card, the touched card is turned over and is the very card that they have just named!

Once they remove the glasses however, they can examine their card to their heart’s content without a clue as to how they actually knew it was their card!

You can present it as a complete mystery or your audience can become aware as to how the participant knew the card was their chosen one either way everyone will be completely baffled at the finish!

Use your own pack of cards – we supply a special something that makes it work and a pair of the Magic Spectacles but you can use your own ordinary glasses if you prefer.

Magic Spectacles is great fun and you will learn it in less than twenty minutes.

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