Close Quarters Cards Across - Mre

Close Quarters Cards Across - Mre

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Here is a fantastic version of three noted cards passing from one packet to a second packet without envelopes or similar aids. You will perform it almost anywhere – anytime!

You count seven playing cards showing the faces of each card one by one then snap an elastic band around them and leave them in full view. Next you show a further seven playing cards in the same manner – asking a spectator to remember the names of three of them.

Without these cards leaving the spectator’s sight for a moment the three noted cards have disappeared, leaving just four cards which can be freely counted from hand to hand. No sticky substances, rough & smooth, palming or skill – you will say this is the most baffling vanish of three playing cards ever!

Any member of the audience now counts the first packet of cards – there are now three extra making a total of ten cards. The spectator names the three cards they noted and low and behold – these three cards prove to be the ones that have magically passed from one packet to the other!

In revealing this routine Eddie is releasing one of his pet close-up card effects and we know that you are going to love the subtle easy-to-do methods.

*Only fourteen cards are used. (Supplied)
*No palming, no sleight of hand, no skill.
*Perform it in a bathing suit!
*Ideal for close-up, cabaret or street magic.
*Easy to do. You will learn it in twenty minutes.

Comes with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

Only £9.99

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