Blank Bewilderment

Blank Bewilderment

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Based on well-tested principles Blank Bewilderment is the supreme card effect for your table-hopping or street magic!

Uses four playing cards, there are no half cards or similar used. Three of the cards are shown to have blank faces and regular backs. The fourth card is a normal playing card with both a face and a back.

One of the blank cards is placed between the hands of a spectator. In a game that follows the regular card is now turned face down amongst the other two blanks and the cards mixed together.

The spectator is now asked to pick out the regular card but despite you making it easy to follow the spectator fails to do so – twice!

Suddenly it is seen that the regular card has disappeared completely – you only hold blank cards. The spectator opens his hands that have been holding a blank card from the very start to find that it is now the missing regular card!

All four cards can now be passed for examination without a clue to your mystery.

Easy to do – you will learn it in no time.

Comes complete with special Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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