Milko Predicto - Mre

Milko Predicto - Mre

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Remade and better than ever. Time for comedy and time for a drink!

You show a sealed brown paper bag and leave it in full view as your prediction.

Inviting a member of the audience forward, you next show several different laminated cards (8” x 5”) depicting pictures of Whisky, Gin, and Rum etc from which a drink will be selected by the spectator.

As you proceed, and to the rest of your audience’s amusement, it is obvious that you are going to force the MILK card onto the hapless spectator, but as it happens things don’t quite turn out that way; the spectator ends up with a totally different drink card showing a bottle of BEER, and what is equally funny is the fact that you don’t seem to be aware of your mistake.

You pick up your paper prediction bag and ask the spectator to announce his choice of drink and only then do you realise things have gone terribly wrong!

It’s time for some real magic – you reach into the bag and bring out a bottle of BEER an exact match prediction of the spectator’s choice – TAR-AH!

Milko Predicto comes with the laminated drink cards, paper bag, McCombe & de Courcy’s hilarious comedy routine & full instructions. You supply the bottle of beer which can be given as a gift to your participant.

Very easy to do so you can devote your full attention to this superb professional applause and laughter wining routine! Highly recommended.

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