Uncanny Prediction

Uncanny Prediction

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You give a sealed envelope to a spectator and never touch it again. A pack of playing cards is shown to be ordinary, shuffled and the top card turned over and shown – let us say that it is the Jack of Clubs.

The Jack of Clubs is turned face down and the rest of the pack is squared together and then turned faces upwards. The Jack of Clubs is now freely inserted into the pack face down at any point that they like. They can even change their mind if they so wish.

The Jack of Clubs thus becomes face upwards when the pack is now turned face down and spread in a row across the table. A spectator is now requested to remove the Jack of Clubs together with the cards immediately above and below this freely inserted face-up card.

Any spectator opens the envelope and removes your prediction that you positively do not touch or interfere with in any manner. The spectator reads out loud your prediction that is boldly written in genuine ink on the paper or card inside;

It is found to have the correctly written names of the identical two cards between which the spectator had placed his reversed card!

‘Uncanny’ is the only word to properly describe this incredible prediction. To see it performed is to buy it immediately!

Uncanny Prediction works well with a standard Bicycle pack popular with magicians worldwide but it can easily be adapted to any regular pack of cards.
*Very easy to do.
*Sold at an incredibly low price!
*Selected cards are different at every performance.

Use your own pack of cards, prediction envelope and paper.
Uncanny Prediction is a canny winner!

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