Impossible Die Escape

Impossible Die Escape

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Impossible Die Escape in one of the cleverest close-up penetration effects ever. A truly brilliant idea. The clever secret will intrigue you!

You show a square tube that is closed at one end and holes in two of its sides, a small die with corresponding holes through it and a miniature magic wand.

The die is dropped into the tube and the wand inserted through the holes going through the tube and the die inside it, trapping it firmly into the tube.

A spectator can examine this and the die cannot possibly escape from the wand – the only way is to remove the wand completely allowing the die to fall out of the tube completely free.

The die is again dropped into the tube and the wand reinserted then the tube is inverted with the open end over a spectator’s palm. With a magic word and a simple tap, the die penetrates right off the wand falling free into the spectator’s waiting hand. It truly seems impossible!

The clever construction works the trick and I used to reveal exactly how this worked when performing for magicians – once they knew they could work this miracle straight away, anywhere, anytime they sold like the proverbial hot cakes.

You will perform it seconds after reading the instructions and marvelling at the clever idea. No exchanges, sleights or tricky moves.

Comes complete with Tube, Die, miniature Wand & instructions.

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