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You show a long strip of paper. You use nothing else at all. The paper is folded in halves repeatedly, until you hold a small pleated bundle.

You tear through the folds, the torn off pieces fluttering to the floor. A magic word – and you shake out the strip of paper fully restored!

It truly looks fabulous – there are no extra strips, adhesive or anything similar used.

De Courcey supplies his own amusing and entertaining patter routine, in which you perform the effect repeatedly leading to a truly great laugh finish!

Tearaway can be worked from your pocket, making it an excellent MC bit. Also ideal to work around restaurant tables and in similar stand-up situations. Moreover, remember it is so very easy to do.

The strip can either be torn or cut with scissors, it makes no difference you still instantly restore it! The paper strips can simply be cut or torn from an old newspaper.

On the other hand, use coloured tissue, adding machine roll, flip chart paper etc. It only takes you seconds to prepare for each showing. In addition, no glue, sticky-tape or similar is needed.

Comes with instructions, de Courcey's superbly entertaining routine and sample strips of paper.

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