It's Worth A Tenner

It's Worth A Tenner

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First marketed by Eddie in 1978 this is the PERFECT sliding knot effect – now updated with a clever patter routine. Long off the magical market this will be as fresh today as a new laid egg!

The effect: You show a short piece of rope stretched between your hands. The rope has a large double knot tied into its centre.

To an amusing patter routine you take the knot between your fingers and slide it from the centre to one end. Next you again slide the knot to the opposite end of the rope. Finally the rope still with the knot securely tied is handed out for examination – and please note, there is no loose knot concealed inside your hand or anywhere else because no loose knot is used at all in this sublime routine!

An alternative finish is to cause the knot to disappear completely – leaving you to use the examined rope in your favourite cut and restored or similar rope effect.
Eddie has been using this with a totally different surprise finish that we don’t wish to reveal here – sufficient to say this involves a £10 (or any other value banknote that you would prefer to use), which makes a surprise and totally unexpected appearance – yet makes the perfect finish to this superb routine!

You can use this effect both close-up, walkabout, cabaret or stage and we promise you that it is the perfect rope effect yet very easy-to-do!

Highly recommended – and oh yes, while we think the secret is well worth ten pounds – you receive it (complete with a length of quality magicians’ rope all ready to perform) for a bargain basement price!

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