Domino Monte

Domino Monte

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You show three dominoes, two of which show a double-five spot and the other one a double-one spot.

The dominoes are turned face down and mixed, then a spectator is asked to pick out the double-one domino, as in the popular three-card trick. He fails to do this despite several efforts.

To help him to win you eliminate one of the double-five dominoes, but still he fails to find the double-one spot.

Finally, the second double-five spot is slipped into your pocket and the participant keeps his finger on the face down double-one spot. When he turns the domino over it is a five spot so he loses yet again!

All three dominoes are now handed out for examination.

This is a clever mechanical close-up effect that you will enjoy working and looks like great skill but is easy to do.

Comes with dominoes & instructions.

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