Magic Purse - Sold Out

Magic Purse - Sold Out

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Here is another exciting effect from the ever-creative pen of Ken de Courcy that is sure to find its way into your close-up and impromptu repertoire!

You borrow a £10 note and after a series of simple folds, you turn into a miniature ‘purse’ which you lay to one side in full view.

Next you borrow a coin that you cause to vanish right under the spectator’s nose. Picking up the ‘purse’ and with obviously empty hands, you shake it and out drops the missing coin!

Alternatively you could have a miniature playing card drop out of the ‘purse’ that exactly matches a card selected by the spectator from any deck.

This is a delightful effect that you will use again and again as you can perform it anywhere at anytime with items that are ready to hand.

Comes with the easy-to-understand manuscript the price really is just pennies for such a wonderful routine. 0 in stock.

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