Deja Vu Deck - Odd Bin Item

Deja Vu Deck - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. The spectator simply names any card that they like.

You remove a deck of playing cards, and claim you will make the named selection vanish from the deck.

Spreading out the deck, however all the cards are seen to be missing the faces.

Offering to try to make their card come back, one of the blank-faced cards is very cleanly shown and placed under a spectator's hand.

When the lady lifts her hand and turns over the card she is amazed to see it is her named selection!

The magic happens right in the spectator's hand. Instantly resets and no table is required, Perfect for walkabout & easy to do.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions. 1 in stock.

Only £17.99

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