Paper to Pants

Paper to Pants

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You show your audience two pieces of different coloured tissue paper. Placing these together they are torn into several small pieces.

Taking the torn pieces in your empty hands you squeeze them together and utter a magic word and, when you open the pieces out, they have restored and magically transformed into a pair of colourful pants which you can give away to your assisting spectator!

This is always a surprise and then a good laugh for all.
It is the ideal trick to follow Paper to Hat. You make a hat for a lady (see Paper to Hat elsewhere) which you give her to wear. You then ask a gentleman if he would like you to do the same for him - getting him to promise to wear it if you do. Now you perform Paper to Pants and it will bring the house down with laughter. Ideal for club performances or walkabout.

Paper to Pants is supplied ready to perform with ten sets in each packet enough for ten performances.

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