Stamp Album Trick, improved model

Stamp Album Trick, improved model

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If you have Mel Mellor’s DVD Tickling The Mind you will know the strength of this item - it may be old but the entertainment value is out of this world!

This is an improved version of the famous Stamp Album Trick with a completely new routine for this old and much loved classic of magic.

You state that besides doing magic that you also have a hobby of philately or stamp collecting to you and me! You display a large notebook and show that all the pages are blank by flipping through it. Blow on the book or a magic word and the cover has changed both front and back - instead of a notebook it is now a striking and very colourful stamp album.

You again flip through the book, which is now printed like a regular stamp album with squares to place the stamps and the names of countries with specimen stamps on every page. You now pour a packet of loose stamps into the album. With a magic pass, you again flip through the album and the stamps have magically appeared, pasted on each and every page!

We are bringing you the very best possible version of this effect, plus the additional touches, like the changing cover and the automatic vanish of the loose stamps in the album making it an easy, clean and convincing effect. Yes, you can work the Mel Mellor’s routine perfectly with this wonderful prop.

Comes complete and ready to work.

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