Colour Changing Pencil - NEW Lower Price!

Colour Changing Pencil - NEW Lower Price!

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You display a small pencil which you claim is a magic one that can write in “any colour”. Spectators call out colours such as "Red, "Green", "Blue" etc and to prove your statement is true you write these colours, in normal pencil!

Once the groans have died down, you place the magic pencil into a small tube and utter a magic word. When the pencil is removed it is seen to have changed to a completely different colour!

Colour Changing Pencil is a great close-up effect that is suitable for both children and adult’s shows. Very easy to do and suitable for beginners or any performer.

Comes to you complete and ready to perform, with step-by-step instructions. Was £5.00 now

Only £3.49

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