Bang Gone!

Bang Gone!

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You display a paper 8" square that is folded diagonally to form a sort of simple cone. Into this you put the small item to be vanished, for example a silk handkerchief.

The cone is now whipped in the direction of the prop that the handkerchief is to reappear in, the cone goes BANG and can now be shown to be empty – the silk has vanished!

The sound produced makes this a much more dramatic vanish than many other methods. This will vanish a silk up to about twelve inches square. As a variation, the apparatus could be used to change a silk to one of a different colour.

The Bang Gone! apparatus that we supply is simply made of card and paper. It has special reinforcement for added life and is very practical in use.

Comes complete with instructions, use it with your own silks, cards etc. You will find many uses for such a useful prop. Was £5.00 now

Only £6.99

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