Blank Amazement (Mr. 'E')

Blank Amazement (Mr. 'E')

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You show three plain double-blank cards and a regular pack of playing cards. The pack is shuffled and cards are dealt face downwards by a spectator, he can stop at any point and one of the blank cards is inserted at the very place he stops.

Another spectator takes the pack and deals cards face down stopping anywhere she wishes and a second blank card is inserted at this point.

The pack is now spread face down and the two blank cards located, these are removed together with the cards next to them.

A third blank card is placed together with one of the other blanks & rubbed against the first chosen card. When the cards are separated one of the blanks now has a duplicate of the chosen card permanently printed upon it and this is now repeated with the other selected card!

Everything can now be left for examination, there is absolutely no clue to the mystery. Can also be presented as a dramatic double prediction.

Use any pack of cards even a borrowed one. Very easy to do no sleights or skill required.

Comes with special, quality Bicycle blank cards & instructions.

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