Blank & Invisible Pack

Blank & Invisible Pack

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The BEST & EASIEST Invisible Pack routine ever. No rough & smooth or sticky cards. Packs an extra magical punch. Everyone who has seen this performed was delighted and the price is right!

Using all the usual comedy gags and bits, you have a spectator shuffle an “invisible pack” of cards, select any one without revealing its name, replace it face upwards in the face down pack and return it into its box.

The ‘invisible’ pack is now tossed back to you where it becomes ‘visible!’

However, when the pack of cards are removed from the box and spread out they are shown to be blank on both sides – you have the spectator name their card and you remove the named card to show it except that is also still blank on both sides.

Replacing the card back in the pack you request the spectator to utter a magic word and when the cards are now spread it is seen that one card has magically printed itself among the pack of blanks it is the very card they have just named!

A surprising & engaging routine that you can perform anywhere; club, cabaret, close-up, TV or stage & absolutely ideal for walkabout performances.

*No force, they can name ANY card in the pack.
*Only one pack is used.
*No rough & smooth, wax or sticky substances.
*Easy-to-do! No replacements required.

Comes with the special pack of quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

Only £9.99

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