Eddie's Crazy Clock

Eddie's Crazy Clock

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You show your ‘Crazy Clock’. All the times are on the clock face, but they are all scattered everywhere, making no sense at all. Anyone is asked to think of any hour of the day from 1.00 am to 12 noon. A second person is asked to call out any number from 15 to 25.

You start to tap the numbers on the clock face in haphazard order, the participant is asked to add one to their hour with each tap. When they reach the total given by the second spectator – they are to call out ‘Stop!’ This they do and are surprised to find that they have stopped you exactly on their mentally chosen hour!

That is not all; they are even more surprised that you have correctly predicted the very hour they simply thought of, in advance of your performance!

Various variations are also given which allows two or three spectators to think of numbers – and you discover each one in different ways – by numerology – by mindreading and then finally prediction! It is all good fun and very puzzling indeed!

Comes complete with the colourful laminated ‘Crazy Clock’ card, prediction card & instructions.

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