Handkerchief Pedestal De Luxe

Handkerchief Pedestal De Luxe

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A classic prop mainly used for the magical production of a handkerchief, which appears inside a clear tumbler.

What we offer is the DE LUXE version of this wonderful utility prop, made in spun metal and painted to give you a life long scratch-free and most attractive piece of magical equipment that you will be proud to present.

You show a clear plastic tumbler to be empty and then place this on top of a skeleton pedestal to isolate it.

Next you show an empty cylinder, which can be examined by the audience if you wish. This is put over the tumbler.

You now show a silk handkerchief that is made to vanish by your favourite method i.e. Bang Gone!, Tarbell Cone, Pull Vanisher or sleight of hand.

When the cylinder is lifted away the silk is now sitting inside the previously empty tumbler!

You could also use this to reproduce other small items such as sponge balls or even a vanished banknote to fantastic effect.

Comes with the pedestal, approx 6.5" x 3.75", cylinder approx 5" x 3", tumbler & instructions. Use your own vanish and silks.

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