Bend, Bend, Bend

Bend, Bend, Bend

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The ideal walkabout close-up effect for the busy entertainer, has little or no get ready. Very easy to do yet it never ceases to amaze and delight audiences of all ages.

You show three picture cards each of which has a spoon on it. An audience member selects one of the cards & this is left sticking out of your pocket in full view.

You pick up any spoon from the table and rub it on the other two cards, instantly you show the spoons on these have mysteriously bent, in the traditional Uri Geller fashion.

The spoon is now rubbed on the third picture and this spoon is shown to have a bend in it as well!

All three cards can now be thoroughly examined without a clue to how it is done BUT THAT’S NOT THE END OF THE MAGIC.

When a spectator picks up the real spoon from the table that has also bent!

It’s a superb close-up audience participation routine which is very easy to do & always ready to perform. No double lifts and no Elmsley count. Highly recommended and great fun.

Comes with picture cards & instructions.

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