Mind Stuff - Paul Hallas 2-DVD Set - Odd Bin Item

Mind Stuff - Paul Hallas 2-DVD Set - Odd Bin Item

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Paul Hallas has a gift, he is known as the "alternative psychological entertainer". He knows exactly what you are thinking. In fact, he can even predict in advance what you WILL be thinking. Unbelievable?

Watch as he mesmerises his audiences with intriguing mind reading experiments, using their own uninfluenced thoughts.

After his performance, Paul provides a complete explanation for each stunning effect. All the secrets are shared in-depth!

Material featured on this DVD include: 50/50 Opener - The Hunger - Picture Perfect - Future Keys - Number Force Plus - Three Phase Routine - Total Recall - Somewhere - Mediumistic Book Test and much more!

Bonus on DVD one: Trailer for Hallas's "Clever Card Magic"
Paul Hallas's MIND STUFF is mind reading & mentalism material for professional use only. 1 in stock.

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