Judge Gamble

Judge Gamble

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Here is as neat a pocket trick using three playing cards as ever you could wish for. It’s always ready for you to perform!

You tell a story of three men arrested for gambling in the street and brought up before the Judge. The Judge was a bit of a gambler himself and had earned the nickname of Judge Gamble.

When sentencing, the judge took three playing cards from the gambler’s pack – showing them to be (say) a three, a six and a nine and explained that, “He would mix the cards face down and each of the defendants would select one card – whichever card they choose would indicate their punishment!”

The cards are mixed and laid in a row face down. The first gambler selected a card and showed it – he had selected the six! “Very well” said the judge; “You go to prison for six weeks – take him down!”

The second gambler chose his card – he was lucky he chose the three; “Prison for three weeks" said the judge, “Take him down!”

Now the third gambler remembering that the third card was a nine, didn’t fancy going to prison for nine weeks – so being a bit of a magician as well as a gambler he blew on the card and turned it face upwards “Oh look judge,” said the gambler innocently, “my card has no pips or numbers on it at all it is completely blank!”

So saying, you turn the last card over and magically all the pips have vanished without trace, it is indeed a completely blank card!

“Very well” said the Judge “As promised I shall now sentence you accordingly – you go to prison until the pips reappear on that card – take him down!”

A superb fun finish to an easy to do trick!

Comes complete with instructions and quality Bicycle-backed poker cards.

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