Just Three Chances - Mre

Just Three Chances - Mre

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There are many versions of Tom Seller’s effect ‘Bank Night’ or ‘Just Chance’, in which you the performer win the banknote, while the spectators end up with ‘Hard Luck’ messages. Here is a routine that irons out all the snags and also the inevitable disappointment.

Offering to perform a demonstration of ‘Mind Control’ You show three small sealed wage packet size envelopes – one you claim contains “something of value” while the other two contain predictions of events that are about to happen.

The envelopes are mixed and any spectator chooses any envelope – there is no force. When the envelope is opened it contains a single sheet of folded paper – a prediction but the spectators are not very impressed.

From the two envelopes left the spectator has a second opportunity to find the one containing “something of value” remember they have a free choice, there is no force but again they fail, finding only a second prediction but this is more impressive than the first one, it seems there may be something to this mind control after all!

The audience member has left you with the final envelope, which can be opened by any spectator on your behalf – it contains only the valuable something; a genuine £20 or £50 note!

No there are no trays, thumbtips, nail writers or anything similar. Only simple props are used such as envelopes, which you can obtain locally – although we send you a few samples to get you started. The banknote is genuinely inside the envelope right from the very start of the effect.

The routine can be performed close-quarters, cabaret or stage and even surrounded. Professional magician and fellow dealer David Hemmingway enthused over this method recently in an article in The Linking Ring where he also revealed his own excellent routine using three different coloured boxes or envelopes, a routine that David has used professionally for many years.

Full fantastic method and routine explained in our low cost booklet together with necessary samples. Just Three Chances is easy to set up and easy to do.

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