Cinderella Goes To School - Odd Bin Item - Sale Item 2018

Cinderella Goes To School - Odd Bin Item - Sale Item 2018

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1 in stock. Based on Billy Day's popular 'Dirty Bertie' this has all the elements of a great children's effect that will be popular with girls as well as boys.

Only a single box and plaque are used throughout this brings about three different colour changes as the story is told.

There are several original features, which allow you to display all the apparatus freely at any point in the routine.

You display an upright cut-out plaque on a stand; this is Cinderella as a little girl and she is in a clean white dress. You also show a square tube with a picture of the school on its front.

When Cinderella goes to school every morning she is dressed in sparkling clean clothes. After showing the tube empty Cinderella is covered by this ready to do her lessons.

By the end of every evening - the tube is now turned around to show the darkened school in the evening on the opposite side. Cinderella emerges and her clothes have turned into a grimy dirty grey.

But you continue placing the tube back over Cinderella and turning it around again - when she goes back to school the following morning her fairy godmother has waved her magic wand and she is in a sparkling white dress once again.

Your young audience will lose no time in telling you that you are merely turning the apparatus around and Cinderella has a white dress on one side and a grey dress on the opposite side.

You insist that its her fairy godmother and say a magic word and then lift away the tube to show Cinderella is now in her daytime picnic dress which is RED with POLKA DOTS!

The tube by the way can be shown empty and placed to one side where it is not used again.

However, some of the children are not satisfied and insist you turn Cinderella around once more - after the usual by play you do so - and she is dressed in her favourite evening dress which is a pretty blue with polka dots - already to go to a party at the palace with Prince Charming!

The above outline story has the potential for you to build in loads of business favoured by top children's entertainers worldwide, you will soon be making this effect your very own!

Comes with the sturdily-made props which measure at its largest approx 10.25" x 5.25", 23.5cm x 13.5cm & instructions. 1 in stock.

Heavy or bulky item and may attract extra postage added to our standard charge especially overseas, please check with us when ordering.

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