Computer Mind Reading Cards

Computer Mind Reading Cards

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This is a very effective but easy mindreading effect that you can carry in your pocket and perform anywhere at anytime.

A spectator is asked to think of any playing card in a pack of fifty-two. There is no force or if's and but's – she really does think of any card.

You now hand her eight specially printed ‘Computer Cards’, each of which has random card pips printed upon it. The participant is asked to check these cards taking out those that contain her card and discarding the others.

When this has been done you can instantly reveal the very card that the participant is merely thinking about!

The apparatus we supply consists of the eight transparent ‘Computer Cards’ with card pips and these do all the work for you. You will be able to perform it just as soon as you have read the instructions.

There have been similar effects around but this one is truly outstanding – very easy to do and very effective.

Computer Mind Reading Cards will make an excellent addition to your anytime-anywhere repertoire, or a very affordable and different present for your magical friends.

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