Sucker Glass Vanish Plus!

Sucker Glass Vanish Plus!

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Tricks where the performer appears to make a mistake – only for things to work out correctly in the end are popular with audiences of all age groups.

Sucker Glass Vanish Plus! is one of the best examples and has been featured by Arthur Dowler, Tommy Cooper and many other top-notch comedy magicians over many years – now you can also present this wonderful routine in your own show!

You place a glass on a tray and cover it with a tube. You then appear to slide the tube along the tray and then lift it up to show the tube is now empty – the glass has vanished!

However your audience is not impressed because as you take your bow you accidentally turn the draped tray around, exposing the secret, the audience can see for themselves that the glass has simply dropped through a hole in the tray and is hidden below the drape!

Apologising for your mistake you offer to teach the audience how to do the trick. Repeating the effect of covering the glass – sliding it along the tray. “Presto” and then showing the tube to be empty.

However this time you take away the drape from around the tray to show that the glass really has vanished without a trace – leaving your audience non the wiser as to where the glass has gone!

We have added to this classic sucker effect so that you can also perform a passé passé milk effect with the well made props that we supply: A clear glass visibly filled with milk magically travels from under one tube to another.

The special mechanical props make both these effects easy for you to perform, making it good visual magic for stage, stand-up and cabaret use.

Comes with the cloth covered wooden tray with decorative frill, painted metal tubes, plastic 'glasses', instructions & routines.

Overseas: This item is heavy/bulky & will require extra postage to your country. Before ordering please check with us what extra postage will be needed. Thank you.

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