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I have called this item Re-Dice-Covery because until recently I had forgotten all about it and I accidentally rediscovered it among some notes that I had made perhaps forty or so years ago! All you need are three regular dice to perform it.

Any person throws three dice while your back is turned and mentally adds together the top three numbers thrown. Still with your back turned you pass your hand over the dice and pick up one of them – showing the spectator a different number without looking yourself that the spectator adds to their total or the spectator may do this himself without your touching the die or turning around.

The spectator now throws this die again and adds its new number to the total. Finally the spectator is allowed to throw either one, two or three dice once again adding this new number to his mental total.

Immediately you can announce the total that the spectator has arrived at or alternatively use the total that you now secretly know as part of a one-ahead or similar type of effect and in this respect we suggest such a routine with a gambling/casino theme that is guaranteed to devastate ANY audience or group of people ANYWHERE-ANYTIME!

All you carry are three ordinary unfaked dice and a few sheets of paper, together with a pen if you wish to write predictions. Everything can even be borrowed and the effect performed on the spot.

Re-Dice-Covery can be presented as a baffling mystery in its own right and can be performed with two, three or even more dice.

Can immediately be repeated several times with totally different results – even experienced magicians are completely baffled to how it was done!

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