Dan's Magic Van - Adair - Odd Bin

Dan's Magic Van - Adair - Odd Bin

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View a video here

1 in stock. Here is a different kind of 'Magic Painting' for your children and family shows.

You tell about your friend Dan who has a magic van. You show the van and explain that Dan isn't very pleased because he ordered a BLUE Van and they sent him a WHITE one instead.

"Never mind, Dan has gone to bed so we can put his van safely into the paint shop." So while he has a little sleep perhaps the children will help you to paint it blue.

With the aid of invisible paint brushes and invisible pots of paint the children pretend to be painting the van - and when you remove it its now BLUE - hmn, the children saw you turn the paint shop around.

"Wait a minute", you say, "when Dan comes back he may have changed his mind and decided he likes the WHITE van, we had better wash the paint off before it dries."

The children use invisible hose pipes and sponges to do this and when you drive the van back out of the paint shop it is now WHITE once again. Oh dear, the children noticed you turned everything around once more!

'Wait a minute' you say once more, 'we wanted to surprise Dan and he won't be very surprised when he takes his van out of the paint shop and it is still WHITE'. More magic painting by the children and again you turn the apparatus around then drive out the Van and once again it is BLUE!

'Dan will be surprised and he will never guess how we did the magic - he won't know - I don't know and none of you boys and girls know, do you boys and girls?'

'Yes we do', reply the children, 'You just turned it around.' Now we have all the usual fun of turn it around -so you turn it upside down, 'Show us the back!' So you show them YOUR back, you get the idea!

Eventually you understand what the children want is to see the opposite side of the van so rather reluctantly you turn the van around to show that the magic really has worked and the opposite side of the van is RED with 'Dan's Magic Van' written in large white letters!

Strongly made of sturdy card (35cm x 22cm) comes with instructions. 1 in stock.

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